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| Sep 11, 2014 | Medical Malpractice


When a person goes to a doctor in Fulton County with a health issue or simply to receive a checkup, one of the last things they’re expecting is to be a victim of medical malpractice. A doctor or medical professional’s error can take many different forms, from a mistaken diagnosis to a failure to diagnose. Either can result in a worsened medical condition by placing a patient in a position where he or she is receiving treatment that they didn’t need or didn’t get the medication or care that could have cleared up the issue.

No one believes that a doctor is making an error purposely, but they do happen through negligence or an inadvertent mistake. Medical expenses can be accrued and rise exponentially due to such medical malpractice. Having a medical condition that forces a person to visit a doctor and being told that it’s nothing serious is a relief. If, however, the problem doesn’t go away and it’s later discovered that the condition was actually something that had to be taken care of, the mistake could lead to long-term damage or a fatality.

It’s not simply a missed diagnosis that can cause a patient problems. In some cases, a person might receive the wrong diagnosis and be given treatment that he or she didn’t need. This can lead to unnecessary surgery, wrong medications given and the person becoming ill even if they weren’t sick to begin with. This doesn’t just affect the person who was harmed, but it could leave the family without a primary earner in the household. A person who was hurt by a failure to diagnose might not be able to return to work and will need round-the-clock care, changing the entire family’s lifestyle.

Given the extensive ramifications for these kinds of missteps, people who are victimized by them must have recourse to pursue compensation if they or a loved one are harmed or die as a result. Whatever the error is, there are legal options available. To learn how to move forward with a case after a medical error, discussing the matter with our firm can provide information as to what should be done next.

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