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Elderly nurse seriously injured when hit by delivery truck

An auto accident can lead to major problems for people in Fulton County. Those involved can be seriously injured and face massive medical expenses with long-term issues. Certain kinds of accidents can cause more extensive damage. For example, if a person is a pedestrian and is hit by a vehicle, the injuries they suffer from will likely be more serious than if they're in another vehicle.

A 70-year-old woman who works as a nurse in an assisted-living facility was critically injured when she was hit by a delivery truck at approximately 12:40 p.m. The truck was driving in reverse from the facility when the auto accident occurred. The woman was dragged and stuck under the vehicle. When she was extricated, she was flown to the hospital, had surgery and is in intensive care.

No matter the kind of motor vehicle accident that occurs whether it involves vehicles, motorcycles or a vehicle and a pedestrian, those who were affected will have a great deal to think about. The person who was injured will have to consider the medical expenses, how long it will take to recover and if he or she is ever able to return to normal. The injured person might never be able to work again and could require assistance to function on a daily basis. It's important that these incidents be fully investigated to determine what happened. Insurance companies want to keep their costs in line and might make a settlement offer early in the process to preclude costly litigation. While the offer might sound reasonable and a reeling family will want to get past the legal wrangling as soon as possible, accepting the first offer is often a mistake. The costs are likely to far surpass whatever compensation is presented in a settlement.

In this case, an elderly nurse working at an assisted care facility was hit by a truck as a pedestrian while outside the building. She was seriously hurt and hospitalized with her future largely unknown. Given the litany of potential problems she and her family face, they should consider their options with the assistance of a legal professional experienced in incidents of this kind.

Source:, "Woman, 70, critical after being hit, dragged By delivery truck," Kristal Dixon, Nov. 20, 2014

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