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Nursing home staff caught abusing elderly Alzheimer's patient

When a person in Fulton County or anywhere across the country places a loved one in a nursing facility for the care that cannot be provided at home, there's an expectation that the medical professionals will provide adequate care. There are times when the care is not up to expectations and this must be dealt with. Even worse, though, is if the nursing home staff goes further than not giving standard medical care and commits acts of nursing home abuse. When this happens, those whose loved ones were subjected to it need to know what to do next.

Recently, a 76-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer's was the victim of abuse at the hands of two nursing assistants who were supposed to be caring for him. The incidents of abuse were caught on camera after the man's son saw bruises on his father and became suspicious. He placed a video camera in the room to see what was happening when he wasn't there. The video showed the two nurses aides committing various acts of abuse including threats, pantomimed punches, slaps, and all-around rough treatment. The employees were arrested and face charges for their actions.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable members of society and that is especially true when they're in a care facility with no one watching what happens after visitors have left and those elderly people might have trouble communicating. There are various forms of abuse that can occur including deprivation of food and medication; sores; broken bones; physical, emotional and sexual assault; and even death. When this is suspected or viewed first hand, it's important that it is reported to stop it from happening to the individual and to other residents. In addition, it's important to report it in the event that personal injury litigation is under consideration.

In this instance, there is videotape evidence of the patient being abused. The people who were supposed to be caring for him will be subject to criminal prosecution. When this type of incident happens, it's imperative that the families of those who were harmed know how to pursue a case. Victims and their families should discuss the matter with an attorney experienced in elder abuse.

Source:, "Shocking nursing home abuse caught on camera," Oct. 31, 2014

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