Truck driver fatigue a major danger on the road

| Dec 5, 2014 | Truck Accidents


People on the road in Fulton County must be constantly aware of the presence of large trucks sharing the road with them. These trucks serve a vital role in the nation’s economy and provide goods and jobs across the nation. Their sheer size, however, makes them a danger for serious injury and fatality if there is an 18-wheeler accident. One reason that these accidents happen is truck driver fatigue. It’s important to understand the various reasons why these kinds of accidents occur.

While it may not help to avoid all accidents due to a truck driver being fatigued, it is important to spot fatigue when accidents do happen. In the aftermath of an accident, it’s difficult for the investigators to know whether or not drowsy driving was the cause. There are telltale signs though. For example, tired truck drivers frequently operate their vehicles at odd hours. The truck company might want a particular product delivered at a certain time, and it is required that the driver push the envelope with respect to adhering to the laws dictating how much one is allowed to drive over the course of a specified time.

When there is an accident because of a driver falling asleep at the wheel, the results might be severe. This is because the driver was unable to slow down at the time of the crash. Since truck drivers are traveling long distances, they will be on high-speed roadways meaning that they will more than likely be going very fast for extended periods of time. Even if the driver is awake, being tired can slow reactions leading to a crash. Truck drivers tend to travel alone making it unlikely that there will be a trade of driving duties or that the passenger will be able to tell the truck driver that he or she needs a rest.

People who are involved in a truck accident may not realize that there were extenuating issues that led to it. One of those issues is the driver operating his or her truck when experiencing truck driver fatigue and driving anyway. These accidents can affect anyone and have been in the news recently. When there is a truck accident, an investigation as to why it happened is imperative.

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