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How can we combat unnecessary medical errors? Listen to patients

The phrase "never event" was first introduced a decade ago as the designation for serious, preventable medical errors that were occurring in hospital settings in Atlanta Metro and all across the nation.

Staph infections, operations on the wrong body part, and instruments or medical supplies left inside patients' body cavities post-surgery are among the long list of never events that have happened.

Despite efforts to heighten awareness through the years, these instances continue to occur. Feedback analyzed from patient satisfaction surveys and letters could point to potential reasons why.

Personnel from both the the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and Baltimore Johns Hopkins analyzed the results and compiled a list of top 10 most common patient complaints.

Noisy nurse stations and missing belongings were among the list. However, more interestingly, was feedback about "messy rooms" and "lack of engagement in care provided." But why are these important?

Sadly, these could be big reasons why never events continue to occur.

Many patients complained of messy rooms where their bathrooms and other surfaces in their hospital rooms weren't clean-a potential cause for preventable staph infections.

Patients also stated that the doctors and hospital staff under their care weren't engaged or truly listening to their concerns. A lack of disinterest is yet another link to why a variety of medical errors occur.

Hopefully, continued studies such as this one will provide food-for-thought for hospitals when they implement new policies that aim to enhance the care provided to patients.

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