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Creating the perfect environment for medical malpractice

There are countless medical malpractice suits filed every year for a variety of different reasons. In some circumstances, multiple factors  create an environment which is particularly susceptible to malpractice. Are hospitals in Atlanta an example of this? There are a few liabilities that put patients at an increased risk, and the following three may be especially relevant for people who have sought treatment in Atlanta.

Overcrowding threatens care

When there are a glut of people seeking treatment and a limited wealth of resources, it is too often true that patient care will suffer. According to the American Hospital Directory, there are only eight hospitals within Atlanta city limits with a total of 3,798 staffed beds. For a city with a population nearing 450,000, this can create a serious dearth of care and encourage the rushed practices which harm patients the most.

Staff treats patients poorly

In some cases, medical staff such as doctors and nurses make judgements that hinder patients’ access to care and ultimately result in malpractice. In a large metropolitan area such as Atlanta, there are a diverse stream of patients, and a single staff member’s prejudice or assumption can keep you from getting the care you need. Whether it is denial of pain medication or misdiagnosis, the consequences can be serious.

Simple mistakes can be disastrous

Though a number of factors may make Atlanta hospitals prone to the circumstances which invite malpractice, it can happen anywhere and for any reason. Medical providers need to be held accountable for the care they provide and the treatment patients receive.

If you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice, learn about your legal options. Contact an attorney for more information on the recourse that may be available to you.

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