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What symptoms of nursing abuse and neglect should I watch for?

If you recently moved your senior parent into a nursing home in Georgia, you may be wondering how you can protect him or her from nursing home abuse and neglect. The signs of mistreatment and danger are not always obvious to visitors and family members. Take some time to learn how to spot the signs of nursing home abuse so you can take immediate actions to protect them. 

Here is a brief overview of signs of abuse and neglect that can occur in an assisted living center. 

Rapid loss of weight 

Neglect can occur when your loved one is not getting enough food to meet his or her nutritional needs. Your parent may also require certain vitamins and medications. If your loved one is bedridden, it is up to the staff to bring his or her meals and help him or her eat. Signs that your parent is not eating or getting enough nutrition are rapid weight loss, a malnourished appearance, dehydration and weakness. 

Not acting normal 

Your parent may not act like himself or herself when he or she is suffering from abuse and neglect. Your loved one may avoid questions, act withdrawn and avoid making eye contact with you and other visitors. Your relative may also act suspicious of you and fearful when caregivers are around. 

Sudden injuries 

Your parent may suffer random injuries that he or she is not willing to offer explanations about. Injuries can lead to mobility challenges too. You should investigate the cause of all injuries your parent sustains. Check the nursing home’s incident records and thoroughly question the caregivers. 

The consequences of nursing home abuse and neglect are too dangerous for you to ignore. Be prepared to visit your parent often so you can observe their health and appearance. Frequent visits make it easier for you to notice any physical and physiological changes your loved one may experience to counteract the long-term consequences. 

Keep in mind abuse and neglect can cause all sorts of physical and mental issues that can significantly impact the quality of your parent’s life. You should keep track of the nursing facility’s record, reputation and turnover rate that your loved one resides in.

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