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Signs of brain injury in young children

It does not take much for any person to receive a brain injury. Unfortunately, this can make children especially susceptible.

When a child receives a brain injury due to the reckless acts of others, parents can seek to make them pay with personal injury claims. The first step in this process is proving that there is an actual injury, and with young children, there are certain signs.


There are a number of different symptoms that parents should look for. Along with physical bruises and lacerations, there are other easily noticeable physical signs, such as dizziness or loss of consciousness, seizures, and vomiting. Also, if parents notice a change in their children's bowels or bladder function, this may be a sign. There are also signs that may not be as easily noticeable but could be indicative of a brain injury. These include issues with decision making or reasoning, a reduced attention span, sensitivity to light, and changes in perception. This may be easily measurable with older children, but with younger children parents, must be in tune with the non-audible signs.


As children grow and develop, their personalities may change. However, if parents notice a sharp change in attitude after an accident, it may be a sign of brain injury. Some common behavioral symptoms of brain injury include the following:

  • Increased aggression or agitation
  • Over-emotional or emotionless
  • Drastic changes in feeding or sleeping patterns
  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Inconsolable crying

These are just a few of the possible behavior shifts to watch for. As with the physical traits, it may be easier to notice with toddlers and older children, and it may take a closer examination to notice certain signs in babies and infants.

This is a summary and in no way an exhaustive list of possible signs of brain injury. A good rule of thumb is to simply take the child to a physician if you notice anything out of the ordinary. It is better to be cautious now than regretful later.

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