One hazard that is hard to predict when you are driving is road-raging motorists. Now that the weather is warmer, you can expect to see more people out traveling about. There are also more impatient drivers on the roads who are looking for a reason to justify their aggressive driving behaviors.

Aggressive and road-raging drivers are dangerous. Their risky and reckless driving actions often lead to car accidents, injuries and even death. Here are ways you and other drivers can avoid escalating their situations into catastrophic traffic incidents:

Stay in control

Driving is not always a peaceful and fun task. When there are high traffic volumes and other issues that affect the safe and timely flow of travel, some drivers become irritated and aggressive. There are also motorists who are already aggravated by personal matters that do not involve driving. It is crucial for you to stay calm and in control of your emotions, especially when you encounter a road-raging driver. Staying in control enables you to think rationally about the situation and refrain from behaviors that often lead to escalation in road rage car accidents.

Avoid eye contact

Some road raging drivers are looking for the smallest excuse to take their aggression out on others. Avoid doing things that can make an angry motorist more upset and target you even further. Do not look in her or his direction, say anything or make gestures.

Secure the vehicle

Angry drivers often act unpredictably. Roll all windows up, and make sure your car’s doors are locked. Even if you are sitting in traffic, you never know when a road raging driver may jump out of his or her vehicle to attack.

Drive away

As soon as it is safe enough for you to do so, drive away from angry motorists. Do not get in front of them, cut them off or make driving mistakes around them, or you may risk making them more upset and turning yourself into a significant target. If you notice the driver is following you, or you feel unsafe, call 911. Provide them with the location, description of the vehicle and driver, and follow their guidance.