It makes sense to keep people’s spirits up in the operating room. However, one doctor may have taken that idea a bit too far. Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte, a dermatologist based out of Georgia, often posted videos of herself dancing and singing while operating on patients. Recently, the Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended her license due to medical malpractice, stating how she was a “threat to public safety.”

The doctor had over 20 videos uploaded to YouTube, which have since gone down from the site. However, the suspension does not seem to relate much to the dancing. One of her patients, after having received a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation and liposuction, required prompt treatment at the hospital for acute blood loss and a collapsed lung. Other patients have come forward to say they too have suffered neglect from after receiving procedures from the doctor.

Davis-Boutte asserts she has done nothing wrong. She claims that she always obtained permission from patients before filming them for her dances and that they would often request songs for her to dance to. One patient, Latoyah Rideau, has sued the doctor for a botched liposuction, claiming she should have paid more attention to the surgery than her dance moves. While Davis-Boutte claims on her website she can handle a wide range of medical procedures, a lawyer representing Rideau states she actually practiced far outside of the scope of her training and education.

Davis-Boutte has stated she has reflected on the issue and does not believe she has done anything wrong. She has said, “Had I had the forethought and the foresight that an entity could take those innocent, consented, educational and celebratory videos, misconstrue them, edit and fabricate the context, and use it for negative agendas, I would not have done it.”

Be cautious of medical neglect

If you believe you have suffered under medical malpractice, then you need to file a claim right away. Brain injuries, misdiagnoses and more can qualify for compensation.