Parents strive to protect their child from harm. The world is full of threats that can cause injuries and ailments, and it can be overwhelming to constantly be on guard. This makes it all the more devastating when you are unable to prevent an accident and your child gets hurt. Slip-and-fall accidents are an unfortunately common cause of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Whether you are in a store or a public place, an injury such as this necessitates that you seek medical care for your child as soon as possible. You should consider the following factors and explore your avenues for compensation through insurance claims or a lawsuit to cover physical, financial and emotional damages.

Compromised education 

A slip-and-fall injury can easily derail a young student’s education and set him or her far behind in school. If your child is in elementary or high school, catching up can be difficult, and the repercussions of the injury can affect more than just his or her physical health. It is important to address the potential consequences of a slip and fall for your child’s educational future.

High medical bills

In addition to the threat an injury poses to your child’s education, it can be particularly damaging to your finances, too. Medical bills are expensive, and they start piling up from the first doctor’s visit. If your child requires physical therapy, this is sure to be a financial burden, too. It is unfair to foot the expenses of an injury caused by another person’s negligence.

Loss of activities

Does your child play sports after school? Maybe he or she takes dance lessons and enjoys performing in recitals. A slip-and-fall injury can put a halt to any of the hobbies and activities your child usually enjoys, and this can be particularly disheartening to a child already demoralized by an injury. The impact of this on quality of life can be devastating.