The importance of witnesses in car accident cases

| May 24, 2019 | Firm News

Virtually everyone will have to contend with a car accident of some form. You just hope when it happens, it is a minor fender bender and not a 50-car crash like what happened in Clayton County in May. First responders had to take 11 people to the hospital for treatment.

There is much to do in the aftermath of a car crash, but you always want one eye toward your future insurance claim. Right away, you need to start building your case. That can involve taking pictures of the scene and acquiring eyewitness testimony. Having a witness is an immense help, so here are some suggestions for getting the best testimony out of someone.

Get contact information

Following a car accident, you need to get the other driver’s insurance information and contact the police. You may not have a lot of time to talk to witnesses, so at the very least, you should write down their contact information. That way, you can speak with them at a later date about what they saw. In the meantime, you can ask the witness to write down everything he or she remembered.

Get a statement in the witness’ words

You do not want to paraphrase the words of an eyewitness. An insurance company or another attorney may think you have altered the wording to work in your favor. You should ask the witness if he or she would feel comfortable recording a statement you can provide your lawyer. That way, you do not misconstrue anything.

Get all the important details

As you speak with the witness, focus your questioning on the most significant aspects of the collision. Your questions should relate to whether the other driver appeared distracted and what traffic conditions were like. Even information related to the weather and road conditions can bolster your claim. When you are in a pinch, witness testimony can be the perfect evidence you need.

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