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You may feel fine after a car crash, but see a doctor anyway

Minor vehicle collisions happen every day. If you are a victim, you will just want to put the unnerving incident behind you.

However, while there may be no outward sign that anything is wrong, you may have underlying injuries. A prompt medical evaluation will be important not only for your well-being, but also in filing a claim for insurance compensation.

The shock of impact

Your body is not meant to endure the sort of impact a vehicle crash causes. Even a minor rear-end collision that occurs at a speed of fewer than five miles per hour results in a jolt for which you are unprepared. The impact causes the release of adrenaline, which can mask symptoms of an injury that may not become apparent for hours or possibly days.

Timing is important

Early diagnosis is essential when you intend to submit a claim for financial compensation to cover your current and future medical expenses, any loss of income and more. Insurance companies have powerful attorneys and standard rules by which they evaluate injuries of all kinds. If you wait too long to file, an insurance company may attempt to sell the argument that your injury resulted from something other than the crash. However, because you saw a doctor early on, the medical report will tie your injury directly to the accident.

Next steps

Many types of medical issues such as broken bones or head, neck or spine injuries do not heal quickly. In some cases, you may face lifelong medical issues. At the very least, your doctor could prescribe ongoing treatment, and you could spend months in outpatient physical therapy. The medical costs can escalate quickly, and if your injury was the result of another driver’s negligence, your next step is to explore your legal options. While you focus on regaining your health, your advocate will negotiate for maximum insurance compensation on your behalf. You help your own cause simply by seeing a doctor soon after the car crash. 

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