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Brain Injury Archives

Common symptoms of TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a major cause of death and disability in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that approximately 2.5 million TBIs occur every year in the United States and over 50,000 people die from the injury. Those who survive a TBI can suffer symptoms that last a few days to disabilities that last a lifetime.

Brain injury and the impact on children

When an individual in Georgia suffers from a traumatic brain injury there are many variables involved that can change that individual's life in numerous ways. A brain injury often presents problems to more than the individual alone. Family and friends are also greatly impacted. Understanding brain injuries and the law that surrounds them is important for those who are looking to move forward.

Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury significantly impacts the lives of the individual suffering the ailment, as well as the family and friends who support that individual. The road to recovery may not be an easy one, but with determination some are able to fight back and beat the odds.

Jackson County students learn about DUI dangers

In the mind of a young person, an accident may be something that will "never happen to them." Many teens carry this idea that they are safe from situations that cause devastation. Students of Jackson County recently observed a demonstration that proved this idea wrong.

Hope for traumatic brain injury victims after an accident

Traumatic brain injuries can bring despair to individuals and families. A brain injury can be so severe that the individual has restricted speech and movement. Recent discoveries demonstrate that patients are responding to special treatments.

Long road to recovery for one Georgia brain injury victim

A traumatic brain injury can permanently alter an individual's quality of life. These accidents are sometimes unpredictable, no matter how safe a driver may be. Atlanta residents should be aware of what to do in the unfortunate event that a tragic accident occurs.

Bill to decrease youth brain injuries signed by Georgia governor

Children can sometimes seem rather indestructible, both to adults and to themselves. They will take a terrible tumble down some stairs or on the playground and bounce back up to continue playing and running about. Adults of a certain age certainly realize how much quicker a body recovers from an intense workout during the younger years.

Brain injury still disables woman nine years after crash

Atlanta residents who have suffered a brain injury know how devastating these injuries can be. The symptoms may take a while to fully develop, but a brain injury can result in chronic pain, long-term problems with concentration, trouble with working or performing daily tasks, even permanent disability.

State uses March to shine a light on brain injury victims

People often have certain associations with different months of the year. July is linked with parades and fireworks and October is known for fallen leaves and costumes. December conjures up images of Santa and cookies while February is Black History Month. It brings the awareness of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and other historical figures and events. Georgia residents, however, may be interested to know that March is now officially Brain Injury Awareness Month in the state of Tennessee.

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