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Truck Accidents Archives

Truck driver fatigue a major danger on the road

People on the road in Fulton County must be constantly aware of the presence of large trucks sharing the road with them. These trucks serve a vital role in the nation's economy and provide goods and jobs across the nation. Their sheer size, however, makes them a danger for serious injury and fatality if there is an 18-wheeler accident. One reason that these accidents happen is truck driver fatigue. It's important to understand the various reasons why these kinds of accidents occur.

Truck driver fatigue alleged in accident that injured comedian

Drivers in Fulton County must always keep an eye out for 18-wheeler trucks. These trucks are imperative to the nation's economy as they deliver goods and provide jobs. However, the hours that truck drivers must put in to do their jobs can sometimes leads to truck driver fatigue and a dangerous situation. In any semi truck accident, the sheer size of the vehicles makes it possible that there will be serious injuries resulting from the crash.

Semi-truck slams into pickup truck on Georgia highway

Driving a semi-truck is inherently different from driving a car. Semi-trucks can weigh around 3,000 pounds. With this amount of weight, truck drivers must attend special training in order to understand how to safely navigate the roads in a way that will protect the safety of all drivers.

Semi-truck accident kills Georgia woman

Driving a semi-truck is very different from driving any other type of vehicle. Semi drivers are required to pass a special test in order to obtain their license. A semi-truck is inherently more dangerous than an everyday vehicle because of its sheer size and weight. Because of these dangers, semi-truck drivers must operate their trucks with caution and special care in order to protect others while on the road.

Semi accident takes the life of one Georgia man

An accident that occurs with a semi truck is much more dangerous than an accident between two cars or trucks. A semi truck carries with it an incredible amount of weight. That weight becomes a hard force to stop in the event of an accident and can prove particularly dangerous.

Soldier recognized after being killed by a truck driver

An accident that occurred in Alabama has received recognition at Fort Benning located in Columbus, Georgia. Sargent Jose Jimenez was a native of south Texas and a part of a unit stationed at Fort Benning. The soldier was riding his motorcycle on highway 165 when a log truck suddenly crushed him.

Major truck accident shuts down I-20 for 7 hours

Commercial trucks prove extremely useful for transporting the goods we need across the nation. These vehicles, however, are inherently more dangerous on the road than a car. A commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more and can be the length of about three cars. Because of the size disparities, it is no surprise that accidents involving these trucks can cause a significant amount of damage versus other accidents on the roadways.

Semi-truck driver possibly involved in fatal crash

Fully loaded commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Knowing this, it is easy to understand why accidents involving these trucks can prove particularly destructive. The size disparity between a semi-truck and a car almost always results in severe injuries. Because this is the case, vehicle drivers should proceed with caution when a semi-truck is in the area.

Concerning truck accidents on Georgia roads

Even Atlanta's most careful drivers cannot predict every dangerous situation. Truck accidents are an unfortunate reality that will always exist. No one can prevent other drivers from texting and driving, listening to music too loud, or putting on makeup behind the wheel. The best we can do is drive as defensively as possible and know the best course of action if an accident occurs.

Woman involved in semi truck accident in critical condition

Car accidents are never easy to overcome. The physical, emotional and, often, financial harm done can create a path to recovery that stretches on for years. For one Georgia woman, that path back to the life she knew has just begun.

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