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Posts tagged "Georgia"

12 charged in hazing death of student from Georgia

Marching bands add bombastic, colorful and entertaining flavor to sporting events and parades around the country, often lead by a charismatic high-stepping drum major. For one unfortunate band member, however, his marching band experience ended not with an up-tempo march but with a solemn funeral dirge. The death of a university student has resulted in criminal charges against a dozen students and a wrongful death lawsuit against the university.

Product recall: Toyota issues warning of potential auto defects

Atlanta area readers who own Toyotas will want to know that the auto company has recently issued a recall for 670,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. According to Toyota, there is a possibility that both the steering column and the water pump in a variety of vehicle models contain defects.

Sensors made by Georgia Tech help soldiers avoid brain injury

Our Atlanta readers may be interested to learn that the Research Institute at Georgia Tech is responsible for developing special sensors that can help military troops know when an explosive device has detonated. These explosives are one of the primary causes of traumatic brain injury in soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Investigation underway after Georgia inmate dies following courtroom fight

A 26-year-old Georgia inmate died in the hospital after becoming involved in a courtroom scuffle. He reportedly suffered unknown injuries while fighting with sheriff's deputies. An investigation is currently underway to look into whether the deputies engaged in overly abusive or reckless conduct that resulted in the wrongful death of the inmate.

Atlanta mom overcomes brain injury and learns to run again

Whether you live in Georgia or elsewhere, a brain injury can be devastating. In fact, a person may never fully recover. However, one brain injury victim has inspired her family and fellow Georgians by recovering fast enough to run in two races despite the fact that her injury resulted from a car crash that occurred on the way to a similar race.

Study reveals African-Americans in Georgia more likely to die from cancer

Everyone, no matter where they live, should be able to receive proper medical care and treatment. When that is not the case and a doctor is found to be negligent, an individual may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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