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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

Georgia facility produces E. coli-infected foods

Millions of people buy food at the grocery store each week, but few consider just how safe their purchases are to eat. A recent recall of more than 3 million pounds of freezer aisle snacks, some produced right here in Georgia, highlights the reality of buying a consumable dangerous product.

Drug manufacturer negligence suspected in Georgia man's death

Residents of Atlanta, just like all American consumers, trust the people responsible for manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs to always keep patient safety in mind. Prescription medications can provide invaluable relief from the suffering of certain conditions.

Lawmakers name hair straightener as dangerous product

Many individuals in Atlanta and all over the county go to salons on a regular basis to have their hair straightened. But few of these people are aware that the products used in the straightening process likely contain cancer-causing chemicals. Three U.S. lawmakers have contacted the Food and Drug Administration, urging better regulation of cosmetic ingredients.

Product recall: Toyota issues warning of potential auto defects

Atlanta area readers who own Toyotas will want to know that the auto company has recently issued a recall for 670,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. According to Toyota, there is a possibility that both the steering column and the water pump in a variety of vehicle models contain defects.

Potentially hazardous airbags may lead to product liability suits

Our Atlanta readers may be interested to learn that the Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Department of Transportation are warning consumers of possible dangers associated with counterfeit airbags. Unbeknownst to many automobile repair shops, they have received a variety of counterfeit airbags, many looking identical to name brand airbags, and have installed them in vehicles involved in accidents.

Ford recall: Edge SUV a potentially dangerous product

Georgians who recently purchased or might be planning to buy a new Ford may be interested to know that Ford Motor Company has ordered the recall of approximately 5,500 2012 Edge vehicles for a possible fuel line defect. The problem was noticed after warranty claims were filed on 12 such vehicles.

Georgia woman dies after golf cart accident

If a person is seriously injured or killed while using a product, the safety of that product should be questioned. Unless injuries and their causes are studied, society will fail to produce safer products. Equally, just the fact that someone is injured doesn't necessarily indicate that a defective product is being made and sold.

Man suffers penile injuries, files products liability suit

Men around the world will shudder in fear after hearing the horrific story of what happened to a man's penis after the man claimed he used a sexual enhancement supplement. A 29-year-old man has sued the makers of VirilisPro, claiming that it causes his penis to fracture. The products liability claim states that the man experienced pain during sex and large amounts of blood came out of his penis, squirting onto sheets and walls.

Family settles brain injury lawsuit over baseball bat

The family of a boy who suffered a severe brain injury when he was struck by a baseball hit by a metal bat in a youth baseball game has settled its lawsuit over the incident for $14.5 million. Georgia parents with children active in sports may benefit from this information.

Defective product recalled after 3-year-old's death

In Atlanta, many buildings that host events, such as schools or churches, own portable stages and related equipment for entertainment purposes. Such venues may be interested to know that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the product recall of one company's stage and riser caddies because of risk of injuries and fatalities. According to a news release from the CPSC, the recall of the defective product was made in cooperation with the manufacturer, Midwest Folding Products.

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