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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Know what to do after a car accident

Any kind of car accident, even a simple fender-bender, can be a strenuous and frightening experience. If the accident is a serious crash, you might have to take a bit of time to collect yourself and get a grip on the situation. Knowing what steps to take once the initial shock has faded will help you and the others involved get through the accident as calmly and efficiently as possible.

Wisconsin woman responsible for car accidents while driving drunk

Driving a car is a privilege that should be taken seriously. One of the most careless things a driver can do is to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol, thereby becoming a danger to themselves and everyone they encounter on the road.

Potentially hazardous airbags may lead to product liability suits

Our Atlanta readers may be interested to learn that the Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Department of Transportation are warning consumers of possible dangers associated with counterfeit airbags. Unbeknownst to many automobile repair shops, they have received a variety of counterfeit airbags, many looking identical to name brand airbags, and have installed them in vehicles involved in accidents.

Dept. of Law Enforcement blames FHP for I-75 fatal crash

The Florida Highway Patrol has denied responsibility for a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, Florida, which left 11 dead and at least 18 victims hospitalized. The crash was described by authorities as a chain of crashes and included at least a dozen cars, pickup trucks, a van, a motor home and six semitrailer trucks. Wrongful death claims against the State were being filed by victims and families of victims of the fatal accidents.

Georgia college student dies in car accident

The summer vacation and travel season is at hand. Many Georgia residents may find themselves traveling the state's roadways and the nation's highways this summer. While most of us consider ourselves safe, responsible drivers, we unfortunately cannot always protect ourselves from the negligence of others.

Georgia students injured, killed on way to after-prom party

A fatal accident claimed the life of a Norcross, Georgia, high-school junior recently. The crash occurred when a vehicle that was coming from the opposite direction veered into oncoming traffic and hit the car. Authorities blame the crash on teen racing and reckless conduct.

Atlanta mom overcomes brain injury and learns to run again

Whether you live in Georgia or elsewhere, a brain injury can be devastating. In fact, a person may never fully recover. However, one brain injury victim has inspired her family and fellow Georgians by recovering fast enough to run in two races despite the fact that her injury resulted from a car crash that occurred on the way to a similar race.

Truck accidents can halt traffic and disrupt lives

South of the Atlanta area, a car and semi-truck accident in Brooks County wreaked havoc for drivers on Georgia Highways 122 and 133. The accident shut down the highways for hours, leaving morning rush hour commuters stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic with no way out.

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