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Posts tagged "injuries"

Know what to do after a car accident

Any kind of car accident, even a simple fender-bender, can be a strenuous and frightening experience. If the accident is a serious crash, you might have to take a bit of time to collect yourself and get a grip on the situation. Knowing what steps to take once the initial shock has faded will help you and the others involved get through the accident as calmly and efficiently as possible.

Defective product injures dozens of young children

Many Atlanta-area parents search high and wide for toys that hold their children's interests. For some, a good swing or play area can provide a parent with a few minutes of much needed relief and keep a young kid safe and occupied in the process.

State uses March to shine a light on brain injury victims

People often have certain associations with different months of the year. July is linked with parades and fireworks and October is known for fallen leaves and costumes. December conjures up images of Santa and cookies while February is Black History Month. It brings the awareness of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and other historical figures and events. Georgia residents, however, may be interested to know that March is now officially Brain Injury Awareness Month in the state of Tennessee.

Toy impales child's eye, product liability suit filed

When consumers buy products they assume them to be safe for use. If the product carries some risks with it, consumers expect to see labels warning of the dangers posed by the product. Unfortunately, in some instances, a dangerous product is placed on the market without any warning to consumers. As is evidenced by a recent case, this manufacturer negligence can cause serious injuries.

Man suffers penile injuries, files products liability suit

Men around the world will shudder in fear after hearing the horrific story of what happened to a man's penis after the man claimed he used a sexual enhancement supplement. A 29-year-old man has sued the makers of VirilisPro, claiming that it causes his penis to fracture. The products liability claim states that the man experienced pain during sex and large amounts of blood came out of his penis, squirting onto sheets and walls.

Family settles brain injury lawsuit over baseball bat

The family of a boy who suffered a severe brain injury when he was struck by a baseball hit by a metal bat in a youth baseball game has settled its lawsuit over the incident for $14.5 million. Georgia parents with children active in sports may benefit from this information.

Defective product recalled after 3-year-old's death

In Atlanta, many buildings that host events, such as schools or churches, own portable stages and related equipment for entertainment purposes. Such venues may be interested to know that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the product recall of one company's stage and riser caddies because of risk of injuries and fatalities. According to a news release from the CPSC, the recall of the defective product was made in cooperation with the manufacturer, Midwest Folding Products.

At least 15 dead in truck crash

A truck transporting about two dozen people, identified by authorities as suspected illegal immigrants, crashed into trees after veering off a highway recently. Officials say it appears that the crash occurred because of apparent truck tire failure on the vehicle. At least 15 people are reported dead, including the truck's driver.

Fatal Georgia truck accidents require special attention to detail

Truck accidents are often the result of negligence. Perhaps it's the negligence of the driver of the huge rigs. Maybe it's the result of a failure on the part of the owner of the vehicles to make sure that the vehicles are in proper working order. Regardless, in Georgia, when a truck accident happens and someone is injured or dies, getting to the core of who should be held accountable requires special attention.

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