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Fatal accident in Georgia has unknown cause

Losing a loved one is a very difficult part of life. When we lose a loved one unexpectedly, many questions often surround their death. What happened? Who is responsible? Could the loss have been prevented? When these questions surround a family, it is sometimes best to explore their options and understand their rights

Deadly fire takes the lives of two people

A fire can be incredibly dangerous. Fires that plague homes, businesses or apartment buildings can lead to the deaths of many of the buildings inhabitants. These dangers warrant strong safety procedures to protect those inside the building.

Accident near Atlanta kills a brother and sister

Accidents often occur when we least expect it. Recently in Morrow, Georgia, a brother and sister tragically passed after being struck by an SUV. The brother and sister were pulled over on a ramp on I-75, changing a flat tire when a vehicle came down the ramp, striking them. Both individuals were killed as a result of the accident.

$2 million awarded to Georgia woman in vaginal mesh lawsuit

When undergoing a surgery, many individuals are concerned about the process of surgery itself. Sometimes, however, the concern should come from a product being inserted during the surgery. A defective product can often lead to severe injury and sometimes even death.

Helicopter crash kills two soldiers in Georgia

When a soldier tragically passes, the country comes together to pay their respects and show admiration for that individual. It is important to remember that not all soldiers are killed overseas and those losses that occur within this country are just as painful.

Atlanta fires could have lead wrongful death

A house fire can be a particularly scary experienced. Anyone who has set a mere toaster on fire can confirm this. A fire presents a danger unlike any other. When a loved one is lost in a fire, understanding the cause of the fire may be important in order to assess what actions should happen next.

Fatal accidents in Atlanta

Driving on the scenic route is a favorite past time of many Georgia residents during the summer months. Drivers in Atlanta, however, should never be completely worry-free while on the roads. Accidents can happen at any time; while enjoying the back roads or on the way to work.

Toy impales child's eye, product liability suit filed

When consumers buy products they assume them to be safe for use. If the product carries some risks with it, consumers expect to see labels warning of the dangers posed by the product. Unfortunately, in some instances, a dangerous product is placed on the market without any warning to consumers. As is evidenced by a recent case, this manufacturer negligence can cause serious injuries.

New initiative aims to cut down on medical malpractice claims

When people in Atlanta visit the hospital, they expect that they will leave healthier than when they arrived. However, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, those mistakes can leave people suffering further complications.

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