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Posts tagged "medical mistake"

Preventing wrong-site surgery errors

The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare estimated that wrong-site surgery errors occurred about 40 times a week in 2011. This type of surgical error should never occur because it is 100 percent preventable. The president of the commission related that wrong-site surgeries are "relatively rare events... difficult to study. (T)here is usually no single root cause of failure...such events are frequently the cascade of small errors." This is no comfort to those who are the victim of a wrong-site surgery.

Medical negligence isn't just limited to doctors

Many people assume that they can sue their doctor for medical malpractice in the event of a medical mistake occurs that causes injury. But this isn't true. Many parties can be subject to medical malpractice, like compound pharmacies.

Roughly 2,000 U.S. patient deaths occur because of this

Data from a study conducted by CRICO Strategies, a risk management entity and division of Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc., reveals a startling conclusion behind why medical errors are continuing to occur all across the country.

Retired general urges more sharing on brain injury treatments

Researchers specializing in medical technology to help injured troops recently convened in Georgia for the second annual Augusta Research Symposium on Advances in Warrior Care. One of the symposium's major topics was traumatic brain injury.

New initiative aims to cut down on medical malpractice claims

When people in Atlanta visit the hospital, they expect that they will leave healthier than when they arrived. However, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, those mistakes can leave people suffering further complications.

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