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Posts tagged "product recall"

Defective product injures dozens of young children

Many Atlanta-area parents search high and wide for toys that hold their children's interests. For some, a good swing or play area can provide a parent with a few minutes of much needed relief and keep a young kid safe and occupied in the process.

Atlanta car owners on alert after car recall

The road can be a dangerous place. Atlanta car owners should not have to have any additional worries about their own car when they pull out of the driveway every morning. A massive recall of six auto manufacturers should have drivers paying close attention to their vehicle and if it is one of the vehicles affected by the auto defect in nearly 3.5 million vehicles.

Product recall: Toyota issues warning of potential auto defects

Atlanta area readers who own Toyotas will want to know that the auto company has recently issued a recall for 670,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. According to Toyota, there is a possibility that both the steering column and the water pump in a variety of vehicle models contain defects.

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