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Posts tagged "serious injury"

Increasing number of hit-and-run accidents a growing concern

For people in Fulton County, heading out on the road has inherent dangers. While accidents can happen at any time, drivers are at least accorded some semblance of protection by being in a vehicle. For those who are pedestrians or on a bicycle, their vulnerability leaves them in danger of serious injury and even death.

Child suffers serious injury in rear-end car crash

When driving in Fulton County, it's important that drivers pay full attention to the road and surroundings. Being cautious and obeying the traffic laws is a fairly reliable way to avoid a car accident. However, there are times when an accident is unavoidable, and it happens without warning. It is in these accidents that a person can be seriously injured. Serious injury can result in long-term consequences that can affect a person's entire life. This is especially true when the injured party is a child.

Man thrown from pickup in auto accident involving 3 vehicles

An auto accident can happen at any time in Fulton County. It could be due to weather conditions, another driver being negligent or simply from the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Car accidents can cause serious injury and even death. After an accident, there are numerous concerns that those injured and their families will have. These must be addressed early in the process as an accident investigation commences and liability is determined.

Driver of classic Ford killed in rear-end car accident

Drivers in Fulton must pay strict attention to other vehicles and pedestrians. While most drivers follow the rules of the road and adhere to safe driving practices, there are always others who perform dangerous actions, drive too fast or operate their vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This type of behavior can lead to auto accidents. Any kind of car accident can result in serious injury or death.

22-year-old woman injured in hit-and-run accident

Drivers in Fulton are vulnerable to serious injury when there is a car accident. Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists are in an even more dangerous position and can be seriously injured when hit by a motor vehicle. If this is a hit-and-run accident, the consequences are even worse for the driver and more deadly for the pedestrian.

Atlanta-area car accident claim teenaged-girl's leg

A car accident that took place minutes outside of the Atlanta area recently claimed the leg of a teenaged- girl. During the latest snow storm, the family vehicle the girl was traveling in with her mother and twin sister slid into the curb behind another car that had recently slid into the same curb in what was described as an "ice rink." The teenaged-girl and family members were acting as good Samaritans assisting a motorist by pushing the motorist's vehicle stuck in the ice, as well as their own vehicle. A witness reported that a car was coming up too fast behind the group and struck the girl, pinning her between the cars. The girl lost her left leg as a result of the accident but it is hoped that her right leg will heal without any need for it to be removed.

Soldier recognized after being killed by a truck driver

An accident that occurred in Alabama has received recognition at Fort Benning located in Columbus, Georgia. Sargent Jose Jimenez was a native of south Texas and a part of a unit stationed at Fort Benning. The soldier was riding his motorcycle on highway 165 when a log truck suddenly crushed him.

Truck crash nearly kills highway patrol officer

All sorts of vehicles can be seen on local roads at any given time. All have the potential to be dangerous. Semi trucks alone -- often weighing upward of 80,000 pounds -- are capable causing serious injury or even death. A truck accident in Tennessee that nearly claimed the life of a highway patrol sergeant highlighted the potential danger big rigs pose on today's open roads.

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