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Posts tagged "truck accidents"

Woman involved in semi truck accident in critical condition

Car accidents are never easy to overcome. The physical, emotional and, often, financial harm done can create a path to recovery that stretches on for years. For one Georgia woman, that path back to the life she knew has just begun.

Swerving truck driver dumps lumber on Georgia highway

Despite the many airplanes, trains and ships delivering goods and resources throughout the country, trucks remain vital to the distribution chain. Though the serve this very important and productive role of hauling tons of materials around, that tonnage can switch from potentially useful to definitely dangerous in the case of a truck accident. Such was the case recently on a Glasgow, GA highway.

Truck crash nearly kills highway patrol officer

All sorts of vehicles can be seen on local roads at any given time. All have the potential to be dangerous. Semi trucks alone -- often weighing upward of 80,000 pounds -- are capable causing serious injury or even death. A truck accident in Tennessee that nearly claimed the life of a highway patrol sergeant highlighted the potential danger big rigs pose on today's open roads.

Georgia mother and daughter killed in semi truck crash

Atlanta drivers likely know that one of the greatest dangers of driving on the Interstate is the hazard of an accident due to high speeds, variable road conditions and high traffic volume. And while the shipping of goods by tractor-trailers is vital to the American economy, a smaller vehicle sharing the Interstate with an 18-wheeler may also be at risk for getting involved in a semi truck accident.

Semi driver failed to stop after causing fatal crash

Atlanta drivers are likely familiar with the experience of sharing the road with semi trucks. They also probably realize if they were to be involved in a semi truck accident, they could be seriously injured or even killed due to the sheer size and momentum of an 18-wheeler.

Semi-truck accident leaves one dead, three injured

While semi-trucks and passenger vehicles are often able to share the road without incident, when a semi does collide with a smaller automobile, serious injuries are likely to occur simply due to the force of impact inflicted by a semi. A recent semi-truck accident in the Atlanta area has resulted in the death of one victim and injuries of three others.

At least 15 dead in truck crash

A truck transporting about two dozen people, identified by authorities as suspected illegal immigrants, crashed into trees after veering off a highway recently. Officials say it appears that the crash occurred because of apparent truck tire failure on the vehicle. At least 15 people are reported dead, including the truck's driver.

Fatal Georgia truck accidents require special attention to detail

Truck accidents are often the result of negligence. Perhaps it's the negligence of the driver of the huge rigs. Maybe it's the result of a failure on the part of the owner of the vehicles to make sure that the vehicles are in proper working order. Regardless, in Georgia, when a truck accident happens and someone is injured or dies, getting to the core of who should be held accountable requires special attention.

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