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Posts tagged "medical expenses"

Atlanta-area car accident claim teenaged-girl's leg

A car accident that took place minutes outside of the Atlanta area recently claimed the leg of a teenaged- girl. During the latest snow storm, the family vehicle the girl was traveling in with her mother and twin sister slid into the curb behind another car that had recently slid into the same curb in what was described as an "ice rink." The teenaged-girl and family members were acting as good Samaritans assisting a motorist by pushing the motorist's vehicle stuck in the ice, as well as their own vehicle. A witness reported that a car was coming up too fast behind the group and struck the girl, pinning her between the cars. The girl lost her left leg as a result of the accident but it is hoped that her right leg will heal without any need for it to be removed.

Semi-truck slams into pickup truck on Georgia highway

Driving a semi-truck is inherently different from driving a car. Semi-trucks can weigh around 3,000 pounds. With this amount of weight, truck drivers must attend special training in order to understand how to safely navigate the roads in a way that will protect the safety of all drivers.

Possible change in Georgia's medical malpractice law

A medical malpractice lawsuit is available to injured parties in order to help them regain what they have lost. The lawsuit places responsibility on the negligent doctor, provider or agency and may make that entity provide compensation in order to help the injured person move forward. Georgia lawmakers are currently discussing a change within the medical malpractice realm that may greatly effect how injured parties receive compensation.

Brain injury and the impact on children

When an individual in Georgia suffers from a traumatic brain injury there are many variables involved that can change that individual's life in numerous ways. A brain injury often presents problems to more than the individual alone. Family and friends are also greatly impacted. Understanding brain injuries and the law that surrounds them is important for those who are looking to move forward.

Government shutdown impacts auto recalls

An auto recall exists to ensure the public's safety. When the government comes across a product that could be unsafe, they pressure manufacturers to recall the product and make the situation safer. After the recall has been announced, individuals are typically able to bring their vehicle to the manufacturer and get the problem fixed, free of charge.

Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury significantly impacts the lives of the individual suffering the ailment, as well as the family and friends who support that individual. The road to recovery may not be an easy one, but with determination some are able to fight back and beat the odds.

Semi accident takes the life of one Georgia man

An accident that occurs with a semi truck is much more dangerous than an accident between two cars or trucks. A semi truck carries with it an incredible amount of weight. That weight becomes a hard force to stop in the event of an accident and can prove particularly dangerous.

Jackson County students learn about DUI dangers

In the mind of a young person, an accident may be something that will "never happen to them." Many teens carry this idea that they are safe from situations that cause devastation. Students of Jackson County recently observed a demonstration that proved this idea wrong.

$2 million awarded to Georgia woman in vaginal mesh lawsuit

When undergoing a surgery, many individuals are concerned about the process of surgery itself. Sometimes, however, the concern should come from a product being inserted during the surgery. A defective product can often lead to severe injury and sometimes even death.

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