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Posts tagged "medical expenses"

Major truck accident shuts down I-20 for 7 hours

Commercial trucks prove extremely useful for transporting the goods we need across the nation. These vehicles, however, are inherently more dangerous on the road than a car. A commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more and can be the length of about three cars. Because of the size disparities, it is no surprise that accidents involving these trucks can cause a significant amount of damage versus other accidents on the roadways.

Semi-truck driver possibly involved in fatal crash

Fully loaded commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Knowing this, it is easy to understand why accidents involving these trucks can prove particularly destructive. The size disparity between a semi-truck and a car almost always results in severe injuries. Because this is the case, vehicle drivers should proceed with caution when a semi-truck is in the area.

Hope for traumatic brain injury victims after an accident

Traumatic brain injuries can bring despair to individuals and families. A brain injury can be so severe that the individual has restricted speech and movement. Recent discoveries demonstrate that patients are responding to special treatments.

Infections possible in Atlanta hospitals

When we think of hospitals, a very sterile environment usually comes to mind. Doctors in masks, gloves and gowns are all in place for our protection. Sometimes, however, a hospital is not as clean as we would hope it would be. In a situation where an unclean environment results in illness or death, it is key for Atlanta residents and their families to understand their rights.

Long road to recovery for one Georgia brain injury victim

A traumatic brain injury can permanently alter an individual's quality of life. These accidents are sometimes unpredictable, no matter how safe a driver may be. Atlanta residents should be aware of what to do in the unfortunate event that a tragic accident occurs.

Concerning truck accidents on Georgia roads

Even Atlanta's most careful drivers cannot predict every dangerous situation. Truck accidents are an unfortunate reality that will always exist. No one can prevent other drivers from texting and driving, listening to music too loud, or putting on makeup behind the wheel. The best we can do is drive as defensively as possible and know the best course of action if an accident occurs.

State uses March to shine a light on brain injury victims

People often have certain associations with different months of the year. July is linked with parades and fireworks and October is known for fallen leaves and costumes. December conjures up images of Santa and cookies while February is Black History Month. It brings the awareness of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and other historical figures and events. Georgia residents, however, may be interested to know that March is now officially Brain Injury Awareness Month in the state of Tennessee.

Proposal could lead to medical malpractice panels

Good health is precious to every Georgia resident. Accordingly, the thousands of reports of medical malpractice concern more and more Americans each year. Several states, including Georgia, are reacting by altering current laws regarding medical malpractice. Though important to all, not everyone can agree on the proper legal structure for dealing with this issue: for example, while some applauded the 2005 Georgia law capping malpractice compensation at $350,000, four years later, the state Supreme Court struck down the same law as unconstitutional.

Toy impales child's eye, product liability suit filed

When consumers buy products they assume them to be safe for use. If the product carries some risks with it, consumers expect to see labels warning of the dangers posed by the product. Unfortunately, in some instances, a dangerous product is placed on the market without any warning to consumers. As is evidenced by a recent case, this manufacturer negligence can cause serious injuries.

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