Over 40 Years Of Client Advocacy
We understand the importance of your attorney-client relationship. We create mutually beneficial agreements with clients’ best interests at the core. Our team excels with cases that demand highly specialized, technical skill sets in medical malpractice and personal injury areas. When complexities bog you down, and when resources are running thin, our law firm can help.

How We Help Referring Attorneys

  • Finding and retaining expert witnesses can be an expensive and time-consuming process in Georgia. Our firm is well-known in the medical and legal communities for pursuing high-quality, meritorious cases. We have a network of expert witnesses across a variety of fields that we can enlist for your unique case.
  • We litigate against well-financed defense teams with seemingly limitless resources. Insurance defense lawyers know and respect our firm because we are experienced strategists and efficient tacticians who know how to achieve the results our clients need in virtually every circumstance. Don’t continue to litigate without a conclusive plan. Bird Law Group begins with a foundation and builds a legal fortress.
  • We are honest partners. In many cases, referring attorneys come to us to help finish a complex case that just needs a specialized legal champion. Our team is full of specialized talent, and we can help you secure best possible results within realistic timelines.

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