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Defective Drug Injuries Deserve Compensation.

We have extensive experience representing victims of a wide range of serious personal injury claims, and our attorneys work with a client-focused, results-oriented method that is tailored to each unique case. We focus a large part of our practice on medical malpractice lawsuits and complex products liability claims, which includes dangerous and defective drug injury claims. Our trial lawyers are advocates for the rights of victims who have suffered the harmful consequences of using dangerous prescription drugs and defective over-the-counter drugs. Our lawyers provide dedicated representation in lawsuits against drug designers and manufacturers, and we have been successful in handling many drug recalls and harmful side effects cases throughout Georgia.

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Drug Companies Must Be Held Accountable For Your Injury Costs And Damages

Using a drug as it was prescribed by a doctor should be safe for patients. Our defective drug litigation attorneys represent clients who were seriously injured by the intended use of dangerous prescription drugs, such as:

  • Accutane
  • Arava
  • Baycol
  • Bextra
  • Celebrex
  • Crestor
  • Ephedra
  • Fen-Phen
  • Meridia
  • Neurontin
  • OxyContin
  • Prempro
  • Prozac
  • Ritalin
  • Serzone
  • Thimerosal
  • Viagra
  • Vioxx
  • Zicam
  • Zoloft
  • Zyprexa

We can help your grieving family with a wrongful death claim if your loved one died as the result of a defective drug or dangerous pharmaceutical product that was recalled or known to be dangerous.

A defective or dangerous drug may cause death due to suicide or cause serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke or organ damage. If your loved one was seriously injured or died due to the use of a recalled drug, diet pill, anti-inflammatory drug, depression or any other defective prescription drug, you may be able to collect compensation with our representation and legal counsel.

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