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We help people who have suffered serious medical complications and injury due to defective implants, replacements and other medical products. Our attorneys offer dedicated, customized representation to each individual client. And our firm maintains close relationships with a strong network of experts in a variety of specialized medical fields. These experts help us identify defects and prove fault on the part of manufacturers and other responsible parties.Many medical products and devices are intended to repair or improve a patient’s health. However, a defective product can cause adverse side effects, illness, or fatal and life-threatening conditions.

If your loved one suffered injury, harm or untimely death due to a medical device failure, we can help. Please call us in Atlanta at  to speak with one of our lawyers.

Extensive Experience With All Types Of Medical Device Claims

Our attorneys have secured significant results in a variety of defective product cases, and we can help you secure the maximum compensation you deserve due to medical product defects such as:

  • Silzone heart valve implant defects
  • Defective Medtronic defibrillator heart leads
  • Defective Sulzer hip implants
  • Defective joint replacements
  • Defibrillator defects
  • Pacemaker malfunction
  • Other defective implants

Several of these defective medical devices were recalled by the manufacturer, and others are involved in class action lawsuits by other injured patients. Defective medical product recalls have been issued for Silzone-coated heart valve implants and certain types of defective defibrillators, such as Medtronic Sprint Fidelis.

We can also help you pursue compensation for harm caused by a defective medical device that was not recalled. This is where our investigative skills are critical.

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