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Complex Business Litigation Resolution

Internal disputes that adversely affect the operations and maintenance of a business often involve financial and legal complexities that touch on regulatory and compliance matters. At the Bird Law Group, our business litigation attorneys serve as co-counsel in cases where additional legal assistance is needed.We advise and counsel attorneys in cases involving breaches of contract, violations of fiduciary duty, shareholder litigation, Sarbanes-Oxley and antitrust issues. We review articles of incorporation and bylaws, as well as existing contracts and lease arrangements in order to isolate legal issues that intersect with regulatory and compliance matters. When financial harm is involved, we consult experienced economists who quantify market conditions in order to determine any applicable financial loss.

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Complex Business Litigation — Protecting Your Interests

The Bird Law Group serves as co-counsel in cases involving the following kinds of issues in complex business litigation:

  • Shareholder disputes, shareholder actions against management
  • Employee contracts, management of pension plans, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Dissolution of a business, mergers and acquisitions, other business changes
  • Fiduciary duties, accusations of fraud
  • Sherman Act and other antitrust issues
  • Lease agreements and contract disputes

Evaluating Bylaws — Determining Liability And Responsibility

A company’s bylaws are drafted and approved under the charter of a company’s Articles of Incorporation. They are extremely important in determining who has the authority to bind a company contractually, who is liable in financial matters, and who has the authority to allocate company assets. If a company is incorporated as a limited liability company, its operation agreement should include terms for the dissolution of the company, buy-out provisions and a listing of the capital contribution of its members. Here, bylaws are essential in arbitrating disputes involving these issues.

Our business litigation lawyers, working with forensic accountants if necessary, evaluate bylaws in order to determine how a dispute should be resolved, consulting precedent in order to leverage your client’s case.

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Our firm has served as co-counsel in numerous business litigation cases and has the experience and resources needed to address technical, arcane areas of complex business litigation law.