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Catastrophic Injury Compensation And Justice

At Bird Law Group, our trial attorneys focus on representing victims of serious and catastrophic injuries. We are seasoned advocates for victims of complex injury cases, and we are often sought after by peers for our unique skills and resources. We have an expansive network of experts in a variety of fields who are available and willing to help us develop strong cases from thorough investigations and analysis. They are so willing because they respect our work and the way we get results for our clients. Our entire team takes a compassionate approach when helping our clients, but we take an aggressive position when it comes to negotiating or litigating on their behalf.

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Catastrophic injuries arise from a wide variety of accidents, but most commonly from serious car accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial vehicle and truck accidents as well as other situations such as medical errors and malpractice and defective product accidents.

Our skills and experience are broad based. Whether you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident or during surgery, we can help you. Whether your injury occurred weeks ago or months ago, we can help you. However, the sooner you speak with a skilled injury lawyer, the better. Evidence must be preserved and case investigations can be lengthy, depending on many factors.

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