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Our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers are victims’ advocates and among the best in the Atlanta area. We maintain an extensive network of expert witnesses locally and nationally to investigate and prepare cases for trial. At Bird Law Group, we represent injured patients and their families in lawsuits against physicians, nursing staff, clinics, surgeons, dentists and other medical professionals whose negligence, carelessness or errors resulted in serious injury to their patients.To learn how our law firm can represent your family in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a negligent hospital or medical professional, please call our firm in Atlanta, Georgia, at 404-873-4696 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Seasoned Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We regularly represent injured clients in medical negligence claims and litigation involving:

Skilled Handling Of Sensitive Obstetric Injury Claims

What legal options do you have if your child is injured during birth? Our firm has been serving injured patients in the Atlanta area for more than 40 years. As experienced medical malpractice attorneys, we have extensive knowledge about how to best represent clients in obstetric injury lawsuits involving obstetrician (ob-gyn) and delivery team error or hospital negligence, including birth injury cases involving:

  • Brain trauma or injury
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Complications from forceps delivery
  • Complications from vacuum-assisted delivery
  • Delayed cesarean section (C-section)
  • Injuries suffered by mothers

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Discover your legal options and how to protect your rights after being injured in a medical malpractice situation. Find out exactly how we can help you in your unique injury case.

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