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Crib Recalls: Exercise Your Legal Right To Maximum Compensation

Crib and playpen manufacturers can be held financially liable when a design flaw or manufacturing defect causes injury or death to a toddler or infant. Even if a manufacturer adheres to all applicable safety requirements, they may still be liable if an issue of foreseeability is involved.

Should the manufacturer have foreseen dangers associated with a design component?

Did the manufacturer conduct enough safety testing?

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At the Bird Law Group, our Atlanta-based attorneys work with design engineers, safety experts and pediatricians to expose design flaws and faulty components of cribs and playpens that injure or kill children. We review company records, safety testing results, and blueprints and design prototypes for cribs and playpens that are brought to market.

In many cases, safety testing was not as extensive or thorough as it should have been.

Defective Cribs And Playpens — Isolating Design Flaws And Manufacturing Defects

Our products liability attorneys recover damages for injured children in cases involving the following:

  • Asphyxiation due to design of crib bars or playpen screen
  • Faulty crib or playpen support bars
  • Poorly fitted mattress bedding
  • Collapsed playpen sides
  • Improperly secured crib side rails and slats
  • Crib gate that does not stay up or latch properly

Determining The Cost Of Crib Or Playpen Injuries

Our attorneys work closely with experienced life care planners and medical economists in quantifying the cost of our clients’ children’s injury, looking at short- and long-term needs. We work from health care cost data when projecting costs over a child’s life when serious, debilitating injuries are involved that affect cognitive and physical development.

Our attorneys also explain how a structured settlement or special needs trust can help you and your child exempt proceeds from an award or settlement from certain kinds of taxes and Medicaid eligibility calculations.

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