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Car Seat Recalls Expose The Defects You Have Suspected

Manufacturers of child car seats are financially liable for injuries that occur as a result of defective parts or design flaws. The fact that in the last decade there have been over 11 million car seats recalled by Graco, Cosco, Evenflo, Century, Fisher-Price, Kolcraft, and Britax indicates child restraint seats don’t always leave the factory or drawing room floor as safe or reliable as they should.At the Bird Law Group, our lawyers work with design engineers, child product safety experts, and medical professionals in exposing design flaws and defects that injure or kill children. We’ve represented countless Georgia parents and their children in car seat recall cases. Our team is intimately familiar with the research and design issues involved in defective car seat injuries.

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The Types Of Defective Child Seat Restraints Are Numerous

We recover maximized damages for parents and their children in cases involving any of the following:

  • Defective child seat clips
  • Defective child seat buckles
  • Failed or defective detachable car seats
  • Frayed or snapped child seat belts and shoulder restraints
  • Defective infant seats
  • Defective belt positioning booster
  • Defective toddler booster seat
  • Defective convertible seat
  • Defective built-in seat

Hold The Car Seat Maker Accountable

Car seat manufacturers often argue they can’t be held liable for injuries in car seats since they comply with all applicable safety regulations.

In many cases, however, it isn’t what a car maker has done but what they’ve failed to do.

If a car seat manufacturer was aware of certain hazards or could have foreseen problems with their product, they can be held liable for violating a duty of care toward consumers. We can get to the core of the case and discover whether a manufacturer should be held liable with an efficient investigation, tailored to your specific case.

When preparing our product liability cases, we review internal company documents and safety testing records to identify problems ignored or downplayed by manufacturers. Our attorneys uncover issues of foreseeability, identifying dangers that car seat makers were aware of but didn’t do enough to mitigate or remove.

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We’re here for you, ready to listen and prepared to advise you of your full legal options. Contacting a child restraint seat manufacturer will most likely result in denials or a refusal to admit fault.

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