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Answers After Your Loved One’s Death

In one moment, everything can change. If your loved one has passed away due to injuries from an accident, medical malpractice or another tragedy, you may have a lot of questions. Don’t worry; at , we have answers. Continue reading for answers to the questions we get most often, or call us at for answers to your specific questions.

What can I do if my family member died due to a doctor’s negligence?

Talk to a lawyer about your options and how to file a lawsuit. An attorney can help you prove that your family member’s death was due to negligence by investigating the situation, collecting evidence and building a case against the medical professional in question.

How can life insurance affect my wrongful death claim?

It depends on your situation. Sometimes, filing a wrongful death claim can allow you to collect additional benefits from life insurance. This is often called an “accidental death” provision. However, this isn’t always the case and if your loved one who passed away had life insurance, it could make filing a wrongful death claim more complicated. Talk to an attorney about your situation.

Who is compensated after a wrongful death claim?

In Georgia, the money from a wrongful death claim is divided between the surviving spouse and children. If the children are minors or the decedent doesn’t have a surviving spouse, the situation can be a little more complicated. For example, if the child is a minor and the decedent has no surviving spouse, the child can receive up to 50% of the wrongful death claim, and the child’s legal guardian will control the other 50%. An attorney can help you determine what your situation will look like.

Can I receive punitive damages for a wrongful death claim?

In Georgia, you generally can’t get punitive damages for a wrongful death claim. It depends on your situation, but generally, the only time you could potentially receive punitive damages in a case is if the defendant knew the risks of the situation but decided to put themselves in that situation anyway.

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