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Medical negligence isn't just limited to doctors

Many people assume that they can sue their doctor for medical malpractice in the event of a medical mistake occurs that causes injury. But this isn't true. Many parties can be subject to medical malpractice, like compound pharmacies.

Compound pharmacy labs are actually very commonplace. They are basically medical labs tasked with altering or mixing medications to meet individual patient's needs.

But sadly, many patients unnecessarily suffer harm from medications mixed at these entities. Here's why.

Yes, there really are federal standards for nursing home care

Most people know that the State of Georgia has laws in place to protect the rights of residents in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. What many people may not realize, however, is that the U.S. Congress passed a federal law in 1987. The federal laws serve as the basis for minimum care standards that Georgia uses as the basis for nursing home abuse cases.

This could be the new way to stop medical mistakes

Coined in 2001, the phrase "never events" refers to appalling medical mistakes, like amputations of the wrong body part, that occur and shouldn't.

The National Quality Forum has compiled a list of the most prevalent types of never events and, among the list, are surgical procedures conducted on the wrong patient, serious injuries from contaminated drugs or devices, and artificial insemination with the wrong donor sperm.

Carelessly leaving an instrument, gauze or surgical sponge inside a patient's body cavity post surgery is another.

But one medical device company hopes to change this. They have introduced the "SurgiCount Promise." But what is it?

"Speed up their deaths" amid words spoken from hospice owner

A Texas medical company has received widespread media attention after reports surfaced that the company's owner allegedly directed the staff to "speed up hospice patient deaths."

The owner allegedly told staff to overdose patients and in a specific instance instructed a nurse to give a patient four times that allotted medication dosage.

Such action is enough to stun anyone, but now many people are asking why.

Beware: More and more nursing homes are doing this...

A 67 year old New England man found out the hard way. In 2006 and nearing 100 years of age, he admitted his mother to a nursing home. Three years later, she was found dead at the hands of her roommate.

An investigation showed that the nursing home facility was aware of the roommate's volatility. Workers claimed that the roommate was a "risk to herself and others," yet did nothing to safeguard his mother or other residents from harm.

He had plans to file a lawsuit against the nursing home for negligence, but something got in the way.

Roughly 2,000 U.S. patient deaths occur because of this

Data from a study conducted by CRICO Strategies, a risk management entity and division of Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc., reveals a startling conclusion behind why medical errors are continuing to occur all across the country.

Failure to properly diagnose: Top 4 reasons why they occur

Medical malpractice instances occur for many reasons. Surgeons operate on the wrong body part; hospital personnel fail to properly sanitize areas that result in unnecessary staph infections. The list goes on and on. Diagnostic errors are also common. And, according to a recent report, there are several reasons why.

How can we combat unnecessary medical errors? Listen to patients

The phrase "never event" was first introduced a decade ago as the designation for serious, preventable medical errors that were occurring in hospital settings in Atlanta Metro and all across the nation.

Staph infections, operations on the wrong body part, and instruments or medical supplies left inside patients' body cavities post-surgery are among the long list of never events that have happened.

Despite efforts to heighten awareness through the years, these instances continue to occur. Feedback analyzed from patient satisfaction surveys and letters could point to potential reasons why.

Top 7 safest hospitals in Georgia. Is yours on the list?

Countless hospital all across the nation have been cited for failing to follow proper safety protocols that have led to never events-or accidents that unnecessarily occur from the negligent acts of physicians or hospital staff.

To maintain transparency and awareness, many nonprofit organizations, like the Leapfrog Group, often keep tabs on hospitals and how they're performing.

The group recently conducted a survey using 2014 government data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Over 2500 hospitals nationwide were analyzed and a list of the top scoring entities, including those located in Georgia, was released.

Legal help for Fulton County nursing home neglect

When a Fulton County family makes the difficult decision to place an elderly or ill loved one in a nursing home, they are expecting that there will be a reasonable standard of care provided. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which there not only is a failure to care for the residents effectively, but there are examples of outright nursing home abuse that results in injury, illness and even death. For families who suspect that there is nursing home negligence or abuse occurring, it is imperative that they know how to proceed to put a stop to it and seek to be compensated for it.

There are numerous ways in which a resident of a nursing facility can be mistreated. It is not simply a matter of physical abuse. A patient can be emotionally abused and sexually abused. He or she might not receive the proper medications at the appropriate times, not be fed and suffer from malnutrition, suffer falls because of not being assisted when necessary, decline due to a lack of care and die because of many factors.

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