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Distracted truck drivers can cause catastrophic crashes

Everyone knows that distracted driving has taken on greater meaning with the advent of cell phones. The chance of costly and deadly accidents increases when it involves truck drivers using phones while behind the wheel. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration understands the magnitude of crashes caused by eighteen-wheelers and has put regulations in place to reduce that risk.

FMCSA rules explicitly address the use of cell phones. These not only include restrictions for cell phone use but also define just what using a mobile device means.

Symptoms of bedsores to watch for

Decubitus ulcers, also called bedsores, are very common in people who are confined to a bed or unable to move. Patients in the hospital, those being cared for at home and residents in nursing homes can get bedsores. The sores occur where the weight of a person’s body presses against a firm surface, such as a bed, wheelchair or bedside chair. They can form on the hip, tailbone, elbows, heels, shoulder blades and bottom of the feet. 

The pressure between the person’s body and the bed temporarily cuts off the blood supply to the skin, which injures the skin cells. Over time, without good blood circulation, the skin starts to show open sores or blisters. Eventually, the damage can go to the bone. Other complications can occur as well, such as bone and blood infections. 

Three very good reasons to hire a personal injury attorney

Maybe you suffered a slip-and-fall accident while you were in the hospital for surgery. Perhaps you were in a recent car crash. Whatever the cause, you now have serious injuries through no fault of your own, and you need help paying medical bills and recouping lost wages from your time away from work. While you could file a claim against an insurance company yourself, is that the best idea?

Perhaps you should consider legal help. To that end, here are three good reasons to engage the services of a personal injury attorney.

Creating the perfect environment for medical malpractice

There are countless medical malpractice suits filed every year for a variety of different reasons. In some circumstances, multiple factors  create an environment which is particularly susceptible to malpractice. Are hospitals in Atlanta an example of this? There are a few liabilities that put patients at an increased risk, and the following three may be especially relevant for people who have sought treatment in Atlanta.

Overcrowding threatens care

Preventing wrong-site surgery errors

The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare estimated that wrong-site surgery errors occurred about 40 times a week in 2011. This type of surgical error should never occur because it is 100 percent preventable. The president of the commission related that wrong-site surgeries are "relatively rare events... difficult to study. (T)here is usually no single root cause of failure...such events are frequently the cascade of small errors." This is no comfort to those who are the victim of a wrong-site surgery.

Medication errors and how to reduce your risks

You have dealt with a medical problem for months, and finally feel as if you have found the right diagnosis and have a solid treatment plan in place. What happens when your prescriber or pharmacist gives you the wrong medication, dosage or instructions and the medication ends up doing more harm than good? These are referred to as medication errors and close to 1.3 million people in the United States alone are injured annually by these errors. One ideal way to minimize medication errors is to take an active role in all health care decisions made about your body, and stay informed about what each medication means to your condition.

Know what to do after a car accident

Any kind of car accident, even a simple fender-bender, can be a strenuous and frightening experience. If the accident is a serious crash, you might have to take a bit of time to collect yourself and get a grip on the situation. Knowing what steps to take once the initial shock has faded will help you and the others involved get through the accident as calmly and efficiently as possible.

Avoid accidents in wet weather with these safety tips

On the road, drivers should always have their full attention focused on the vehicles, objects and pedestrians around them. Staying alert helps to prevent accidents and injuries that can seriously devastate the life of an individual. Unfortunately many drivers don't pay attention when the weather turns bad and don't change the way they drive to account for wet or slippery roads. This can put the danger outside of your control, but as a driver, you can drive defensively and avoid injury or even death with the following tips.

When you should seek a second medical opinion

Having a trusting relationship with your health care provider is important to your well-being because it will encourage you to be honest about any problems or changes you're experiencing. Going to the same person allows him or her to really get to know you and your health profile for the most personalized care. However, providers are humans, too. They make mistakes or simply don't have all the answers. Therefore, it's wise to seek a second medical opinion in the following instances to ensure you get the proper health care.

It's time to permanently power down Note 7.

If you have traveled by air in the past few months, you may have heard this warning over the loud speaker prior to boarding the plane: owners of the Samsung Note 7 are advised to power down their phones until they have left the plane. Such advisements changed in October when Note 7 owners were banned from even stowing their phones on the aircraft. The devices have been prohibited on planes because flawed construction of the battery design causes the phone to overheat, leading to fires.

A report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission details Samsung's recall. As a result of faulty components in the phone, incidents have been documented in which the phones continuously charge without dissipating enough heat. As the phone cycles through charges, its high temperature causes the phone to melt, catch fire or explode. 92 reports filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission confirm issues of this nature. Of these complaints on file, 26 incidents of burns were documented and 55 reports of fires were recorded.

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