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Medication errors and how to reduce your risks

You have dealt with a medical problem for months, and finally feel as if you have found the right diagnosis and have a solid treatment plan in place. What happens when your prescriber or pharmacist gives you the wrong medication, dosage or instructions and the medication ends up doing more harm than good? These are referred to as medication errors and close to 1.3 million people in the United States alone are injured annually by these errors. One ideal way to minimize medication errors is to take an active role in all health care decisions made about your body, and stay informed about what each medication means to your condition.

Know what to do after a car accident

Any kind of car accident, even a simple fender-bender, can be a strenuous and frightening experience. If the accident is a serious crash, you might have to take a bit of time to collect yourself and get a grip on the situation. Knowing what steps to take once the initial shock has faded will help you and the others involved get through the accident as calmly and efficiently as possible.

Avoid accidents in wet weather with these safety tips

On the road, drivers should always have their full attention focused on the vehicles, objects and pedestrians around them. Staying alert helps to prevent accidents and injuries that can seriously devastate the life of an individual. Unfortunately many drivers don't pay attention when the weather turns bad and don't change the way they drive to account for wet or slippery roads. This can put the danger outside of your control, but as a driver, you can drive defensively and avoid injury or even death with the following tips.

When you should seek a second medical opinion

Having a trusting relationship with your health care provider is important to your well-being because it will encourage you to be honest about any problems or changes you're experiencing. Going to the same person allows him or her to really get to know you and your health profile for the most personalized care. However, providers are humans, too. They make mistakes or simply don't have all the answers. Therefore, it's wise to seek a second medical opinion in the following instances to ensure you get the proper health care.

It's time to permanently power down Note 7.

If you have traveled by air in the past few months, you may have heard this warning over the loud speaker prior to boarding the plane: owners of the Samsung Note 7 are advised to power down their phones until they have left the plane. Such advisements changed in October when Note 7 owners were banned from even stowing their phones on the aircraft. The devices have been prohibited on planes because flawed construction of the battery design causes the phone to overheat, leading to fires.

A report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission details Samsung's recall. As a result of faulty components in the phone, incidents have been documented in which the phones continuously charge without dissipating enough heat. As the phone cycles through charges, its high temperature causes the phone to melt, catch fire or explode. 92 reports filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission confirm issues of this nature. Of these complaints on file, 26 incidents of burns were documented and 55 reports of fires were recorded.

Further protections to be established for nursing home residents

If you have been following our blog on nursing home abuse, you know that retirement facilities are required to meet standards established by the federal government. These guidelines set forth provisions to ensure that nursing home staff meets physical, medical and emotional needs residents may have. While such measures have been helpful, guidelines of this type have been on the books for quite some time, and new legislation designed to further the protection of residents has been blocked in Congress.

Until now.

Deadly hospital infections aren't being reported. Here's why.

Among the long list of hospital errors, preventable staph infections sadly remain at the top of the list.

A baby born 15 weeks premature died after 10 days in the neonatal intensive unit after developing a deadly infection-despite being born otherwise healthy. A three year old died after developing the flu. A healthy 23 year old mother died just a year after giving birth.

These and many similar stories have been provided in a recent Reuters report on hospital bacterial infections. But patients dying from these serious infections are not what is at the forefront of the story. A much larger issue is being debated.

Is your loved one being abused in a nursing home? These 4 questions may tell you

It's always a tough decision to place someone you love in a nursing home, but at the very least you expect for him or her to be cared for well. You certainly never expect for the nursing home staff to neglect, or worse, abuse their patients.

Sadly, nursing home abuse is a heartbreaking reality for thousands of grandparents, parents and other vulnerable people throughout the country. If you or someone you know has a loved one in a nursing home, paying attention to these four signs can help you spot neglect and abuse, and help keep nursing homes safe and comfortable like they should be.


Common symptoms of TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a major cause of death and disability in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that approximately 2.5 million TBIs occur every year in the United States and over 50,000 people die from the injury. Those who survive a TBI can suffer symptoms that last a few days to disabilities that last a lifetime.

The leading cause of TBIs? Falls, unintentional blunt trauma, motor vehicle crashes and assaults. And sometimes, determining whether a person has suffered a TBI as a result of head trauma can be difficult.

Medical negligence isn't just limited to doctors

Many people assume that they can sue their doctor for medical malpractice in the event of a medical mistake occurs that causes injury. But this isn't true. Many parties can be subject to medical malpractice, like compound pharmacies.

Compound pharmacy labs are actually very commonplace. They are basically medical labs tasked with altering or mixing medications to meet individual patient's needs.

But sadly, many patients unnecessarily suffer harm from medications mixed at these entities. Here's why.

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