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Legal help for Fulton County nursing home neglect

When a Fulton County family makes the difficult decision to place an elderly or ill loved one in a nursing home, they are expecting that there will be a reasonable standard of care provided. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which there not only is a failure to care for the residents effectively, but there are examples of outright nursing home abuse that results in injury, illness and even death. For families who suspect that there is nursing home negligence or abuse occurring, it is imperative that they know how to proceed to put a stop to it and seek to be compensated for it.

There are numerous ways in which a resident of a nursing facility can be mistreated. It is not simply a matter of physical abuse. A patient can be emotionally abused and sexually abused. He or she might not receive the proper medications at the appropriate times, not be fed and suffer from malnutrition, suffer falls because of not being assisted when necessary, decline due to a lack of care and die because of many factors.

Georgia fatal car crash kills mother and unborn baby

It is a sad fact that anytime a person goes out on the road in Fulton County, there is the possibility that there will be a fatal car crash. There is no way to prepare for it, and it happens to those who are obeying all the traffic laws and driving cautiously, as well as those behaving recklessly. Car accidents are impossible to predict, and it is the worst nightmare for family members to receive that phone call or knock at the door informing them of the loss of a loved one in a crash. After they happen, there is a great deal for the family left behind to consider and deal with.

A pregnant woman and the child she was carrying were killed in a three-car crash. The 25-year-old woman was driving an Acura 3.2 TL when a Honda CR-V pulled into her path. In an effort to avoid the Honda, the woman drove into the opposite lane of the road. Her car was hit by a Cadillac. She was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead. The driver of the Cadillac was also taken to the hospital. The investigation is ongoing and charges are possible.

What are examples and signs of elder abuse?

When a family in Georgia or across the country decides that they need to place a loved one in a nursing home, it can be a difficult decision. While there's an expectation that the family member will be cared for properly by the medical professionals on staff, a substantial fear of family members is that the nursing home staff will commit elder abuse. Knowing the facts about the specifics of abuse and what the signs are can help for it to be recognized and stopped.

Elder abuse is defined as violent acts that are perpetrated against people age 60 or above. This can include physical, sexual, emotional, neglectful and abandoning behaviors. Physical abuse occurs when the elderly person is harmed after having been assaulted in some way. It it often linked to kicking or hitting, but it can also involve pushing and excess force. Sexual abuse is the act of forcing the elderly person to take part in sexual acts that he or she doesn't consent to or is unable to consent or object to. With emotional abuse, such acts as intimidating, yelling at, frightening, damaging personal property or making threats are deemed fall into this category.

Fatal accident claims life of motorcyclist

It's important for motorists in Fulton County to share the road safely with other vehicles. While most drivers are cognizant of others on the road whether it's a truck, car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian, it's inevitable that accidents will sometimes happen. In the worst case scenario, it will be a fatal accident. Frequently, there is a fatality with motorcycle accidents due to the vulnerability of the rider. Any kind of crash involving a motorcycle can end with severe injuries or death.

A 24-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a crash with a Chevy Tahoe. The motorcycle was heading south and the 2007 Tahoe was heading north. The driver of the Tahoe turned his vehicle into the path of the motorcycle as he was trying to enter a driveway. The motorcyclist hit the brakes, but still crashed into the Tahoe. He was taken to the hospital where he died. Since the driver of the Tahoe failed to yield to the motorcyclist, he was arrested on charges of second degree vehicular homicide as well as failing to yield.

Truck driver fatigue a major danger on the road

People on the road in Fulton County must be constantly aware of the presence of large trucks sharing the road with them. These trucks serve a vital role in the nation's economy and provide goods and jobs across the nation. Their sheer size, however, makes them a danger for serious injury and fatality if there is an 18-wheeler accident. One reason that these accidents happen is truck driver fatigue. It's important to understand the various reasons why these kinds of accidents occur.

While it may not help to avoid all accidents due to a truck driver being fatigued, it is important to spot fatigue when accidents do happen. In the aftermath of an accident, it's difficult for the investigators to know whether or not drowsy driving was the cause. There are telltale signs though. For example, tired truck drivers frequently operate their vehicles at odd hours. The truck company might want a particular product delivered at a certain time, and it is required that the driver push the envelope with respect to adhering to the laws dictating how much one is allowed to drive over the course of a specified time.

Elderly nurse seriously injured when hit by delivery truck

An auto accident can lead to major problems for people in Fulton County. Those involved can be seriously injured and face massive medical expenses with long-term issues. Certain kinds of accidents can cause more extensive damage. For example, if a person is a pedestrian and is hit by a vehicle, the injuries they suffer from will likely be more serious than if they're in another vehicle.

A 70-year-old woman who works as a nurse in an assisted-living facility was critically injured when she was hit by a delivery truck at approximately 12:40 p.m. The truck was driving in reverse from the facility when the auto accident occurred. The woman was dragged and stuck under the vehicle. When she was extricated, she was flown to the hospital, had surgery and is in intensive care.

What are common causes and dangers of being a distracted driver?

There are enough dangers on the roads in Fulton County without having to worry about someone not paying full attention to what they're doing when operating a motor vehicle. Even with the known prevalence and dangers of being a distracted driver, there are still drivers on the road who don't realize their actions are putting others at risk. Many believe they can multitask, handling driving and other activities, and do so safely. Statistics and research indicate that they are wrong.

Unbeknownst to many drivers, being a distracted or negligent driver can actually be more dangerous to themselves, their passengers and other people on the road than driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although they don't believe they're breaking the law in a malicious way, being a distracted driver can cause a car accident just like being drunk. Some ways people become distracted include texting and driving, talking on a cellphone, caring for a child or watching a movie on a mobile device. Still, many are under the impression that doing several things at once while driving isn't a significant risk.

The importance of legal help after a car accident

For people in Fulton County who are in a car accident, there are many issues that will automatically come to the forefront right after it happens. While most people are conscientious drivers and adhere to the rules of the road, there will always be the risk of a crash. It could be due to a myriad of factors from recklessness, to drivers operating their vehicles under the influence, to negligence, to vehicles that were not properly maintained or something innocuous like the weather. Regardless of the cause, it's the effect that is the main concern.

If people have suffered injuries in the car collision, there is the possibility that medical expenses will accumulate rapidly. There might be the need for long-term care. A person who was hurt might have injuries that are so severe they might not be able to return to work in a timely fashion, if at all. In a worst-case scenario, there will be a fatality in a car accident. This can have consequences far worse than injuries. A family might be left without the primary income-earner in the household or a stay-at-home parent. The person who died might have been a young person or a beloved elderly relative. Those who have been affected need to be aware of what to do in the immediate aftermath.

Nursing home staff caught abusing elderly Alzheimer's patient

When a person in Fulton County or anywhere across the country places a loved one in a nursing facility for the care that cannot be provided at home, there's an expectation that the medical professionals will provide adequate care. There are times when the care is not up to expectations and this must be dealt with. Even worse, though, is if the nursing home staff goes further than not giving standard medical care and commits acts of nursing home abuse. When this happens, those whose loved ones were subjected to it need to know what to do next.

Recently, a 76-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer's was the victim of abuse at the hands of two nursing assistants who were supposed to be caring for him. The incidents of abuse were caught on camera after the man's son saw bruises on his father and became suspicious. He placed a video camera in the room to see what was happening when he wasn't there. The video showed the two nurses aides committing various acts of abuse including threats, pantomimed punches, slaps, and all-around rough treatment. The employees were arrested and face charges for their actions.

Alleged stolen car kills woman in Fulton County fatal car crash

A fatal car crash can happen at any time in Fulton County and is a danger whenever a person heads out onto the road. These accidents can be due to numerous circumstances, including reckelessness. The loss of a loved one is a life-changing event that can have drastic consequences for a family. When there is an accident and a fatal injury, it's important to know what to do in the immediate aftermath.

A 29-year-old woman was killed when a stolen vehicle being driven by a 15-year-old trying to avoid police crashed into the car she was in. The woman was riding as a passenger in a Ford Mustang when the fatal car crash occurred. Police were pursuing the stolen car, a Dodge Neon, when the fleeing driver went through a red light and hit the Mustang. A third vehicle was also involved in the crash. Five people in total were hospitalized. The driver will face numerous charges and be tried as an adult.

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